Thursday, 3 January 2013

Beauty 'app'enings. My 4 current favourite beauty apps.

Ok, rubbish title but I couldn't help myself, I do apologise!

You'd be forgiven in thinking my phone is actually surgically attached to my arm. If Steve Jobs was still with us I'd probably hunt the man down & snog him for the gift that is an iphone! Lately I've redeveloped my unhealthy addiction to the app store & have been exploring (free) beauty related apps.

As with all genre of App, the beauty world has its fair share of duds but there are a few worth a little look.
I use these apps as a way to inspire me & keep me updated with what's going on in the cosmetic cosmos. Some also make it a bit too easy to purchase little treats wherever, whenever.

I'm currently favouring four, all were free from iTunes App store within the past three months. So, in no particular order.......

This little app holds a wealth of advice & information from all corners of the beauty globe. There's articles on everything from building the perfect kit & creating looks to workout advice & hair style considerations. There's a chat room/forum board function, product reviews, videos & inspirational photos. It's fully interactive so users can add their own content. I've really enjoyed the articles from people in the industry & have learned valuable tips from this app.

Debenhams Beauty Club.
I could lose days of my life browsing through the products & a months worth if salary buying direct from the app! The wish list function allows me to keep track of the products I've noted as future purchases, potential gifts or things to research further. It includes advice & videos, features a new arrivals section & allows me to check my Beauty Card points. I love the offers section for directing me straight to the bargains. I also like the scanner that allows me to compare prices or add a product somebody else is using to my wish list. It's super easy to use & the Top Rated section is handy when you want to try something new but need it to be tried & tested.

At first I wasn't convinced by this one. It asked some pretty broad questions to ascertain my skin type & I had to create a profile. From this it recommended products matched to my skin type. The products are listed by rating as well as percentage match to skin type which makes you feel like you can be confident in anything you decide to invest in.
It's an American app so all prices are in $ & many are from brands you'd struggle to find here in the UK. However, it did throw up some little gems that I've added to my wish list. The discussion section is useful for picking up skin care advice for a whole host of problems. I expect I'll quickly lose interest in this one but for now it's aiding me in my quest for skincare to placate my madly blemished chin.

InStyle Best Beauty Buys 2012. Although this app may be somewhat limited it's handy if you're considering updating your beauty routine in 2013 or are in need of inspiration. You can browse through the winners in each category & favourite those you're considering. You can also buy the products direct from the app thanks to its association with John Lewis. I really like the fact it's divided into very specific categories making it easy to find the best product for you need/desire.

Two Magazine from the PixiWoo sisters is also worth a mention, although I don't consider it a fully paid up member of the app club, being a magazine. It's full of great advice, tips & interviews from top industry insiders. There's some stunning photography show casing some amazingly constructed editorial looks too.

I'd love to hear your suggestions for apps to try or what you thought of those above, so go on leave a comment & let me know.

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