Thursday, 22 November 2012

Collection 2000 Volume Sensation & Lasting Colour lipsticks

On a recent trip around Superdrug I gave Mr Esme the task of choosing me a new lippy. He rose to the challenge admirably and was soon rooting around the testers with a vigour I've only ever seen in a woman on a mission! I told him I was open to anything but something bright and a break from my normal reds and berries. 

He presented me with two he was struggling to decide between and when discovering they were £2.99 each I thought it may be rude not to throw both into the basket. 

I've not really investigated Collection 2000 very closely as a brand. I use the Cream Puff Lip Cream and love the Glam Crystal eye liner but discovered these through recommendations rather than exploring the counter in store. To be quite frank, I didn't expect too much from £3 lipsticks but as it was an exercising in experimenting with different colours it didn't matter if they turned out to be a bit rubbish. They didn't. In fact, I'm considering the shades I want to pick up next. 

Volume Sensation in Plum Perfection claims to contain ingredients to make lips look up to 40% fuller. I'm not sure if 40% might be pushing it a bit but I did notice a more full pout. The pigmentation was good and the colour lasted a good 3 hours with liner. The formula is rich and smooth, it has that sherberty scent that Rimmel lipsticks have, which I find quite appealing, it doesn't linger but is noticeable when applying. I've read some reviews that claim this makes your lips tingle when applied (like DuWop Lip Venom) but I didn't notice this. I'd wear this lipstick anywhere, I love how it makes my lips look, I love the way it feels moisturising but not sticky or greasy and I really like the shade, punchy but not overtly bright. I would say its quite a pinky shade for something labelled as plum but its wearable as it looks surprisingly natural when on the lips.This is perfect for a colour hit in the cold, dark days of winter. It gets a big thumbs up as an every day lipstick that is really affordable and of decent quality.

Lasting Colour in Sweet Tart is a true bright pink, its on the neon side of Barbie but it is definitely in the bubblegum league. It is wearable with a bit of caution, with very natural face and a sweep of black liner takes a plain and simple look and gives it the appearance of much more effort. I've fallen head over heels in love with this shade! As it claimed to be 'lasting colour' I gave it a proper road test by applying a quick slick before sitting down for lunch. No liner, no primer, no second coat. Not only did it withstand lucnh but four hours, two cigarettes, two coffee, some cake and a bottle of water. Impressive.
The formula is beautiful, it is so smooth and soft and unlike a lot of my long lasting lip colours, it doesn't feel at all dry on the lips.  It doesn't crack or sit in the fines on my lips either. I'd call the finish satin, its not flat matt but doesn't have much shine to it. I love the fact it contains an SPF of 15 and feels so moisturising and is available in 11 shades so there's one for every occasion. I really struggle to believe this is a £3 lipstick it rivals and of my higher end brands. 

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