Monday, 14 January 2013

My Frustrated Silence

Having some technical issues here at Esme's towers which has slowed my blogging right down. Grr!

This little post will be winging its way to you via the power of the bat phone. Although I find the Blogger App useful for drafting I much prefer posting from my, sadly unwell, laptop. I like to add headings, change font colour & intersperse my images & text, it's a shame Blogger doesn't yet support this on the phone.

So as I'm holding back my more significant posts for a day when I have the patience to battle with my bruised & battered computer, I thought I'd take a moment to tell you what 2013 has in store for my blog & I.

There's exciting times ahead for me & my brushes. Weddings a plenty, playtime make up with friends & a little drop in session where I'm going to be making up people with the sole intention of getting some decent photos for my fledgling portfolio. There may also be a chance for me to work on a shoot for some PR images for an accessories company, more on this soon I hope.

This year I intend to invest much more time into whipping my blog into shape. I'm currently awaiting delivery of a couple of books recommended by other bloggers to improve my skills in this area.
My second resolution is to really try to get some 'proper' make up jobs under my belt. I intend to market myself like a fiend & offer my services for free to get some great pictures in my 'look book'.

I've stock piled some lovely bits to review & have been playing with some colourful looks that I'll be posting as soon as I've photographed them. I'm enjoying playing with Ed Hardy inspired brights at the moment, which has been super fun.

With pay day peeping around the corner I've got a February wish list planned & haul post coming up. I'm starting to get really exited by the spring collections &, for the first time ever can't wait to play with pastel shades.

So the moral of the story is please stay tuned throughout this barren spell & send happy thoughts to nurse my laptop back to health!

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