Saturday, 22 September 2012

A Girl Can Dream

This week I read about Sisley Global Perfect Pore Minimiser, thinking to myself I could do with some of that I did a bit of searching on good old google and discovered its a princely £119 per 30ml. Slightly disappointed by my inability to ever spend that on a face cream I got to think about what I'd buy when my 6 magic numbers come tumbling out of Lancelot. This is my fantasy beauty shopping list........

Sisley Global Perfect Pore Minimiser (£119)

According to the Harrods website this is a powerful skin enhancing concentrate, an all round corrector and preventative treatment. It contains Java tea & Ratanhy Extract & soothes due to the addition of natural alpha-bisabolol.

Sisley Eau de Campange Bath Oil (£54)

Whilst I'm picking up my Global Pore Minimiser I may as well slip this into the basket! St Johns Wort, Calendula & Hawthorn oils would make the perfect addition to my bath after a long walk around the grounds of my French Chateau.

Laduree Cheek Colour (£??)

Sticking with the French theme, these little beauties caught my eye on Pinterest. They look far too beautiful to actually use. There's not much information online yet other than they are being released across Europe in the Autumn as part of Laduree's cosmetic range called Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée. They are available in Japan and there's some YouTube footage around. So excited to see these in the flesh, I want them all!

Estee Lauder Zodiac Powder Compact, Taurus (£65)

I've been looking a pretty vintage (& crazy blingy!) compacts for a while now but can't be trusted not to lose them so have held off making a purchase. Love this one as it reminds me of a pendant I had in my teenage years. It comes filled with Lucidity Translucent pressed powder.

Tom Ford Bronzer Brush (£80)

Being slightly brush obsessed I'm often mooching around the net, lusting after shapes or fibre. its the shape of this brush that does it for me. Its made with natural hair and shaped to pick up the optimum amount of product and distribute that product evenly onto face. 

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Voluptuous Body Cream (£79.50)

Now anything that is described as having a texture that 'invites hedonism' is going to score quite highly with me! Harrods say is 'drapes the skin in velvet', I say it smells so pretty! I have seen a bath caviar in John Lewis (check out the Viktor & Rolf section on their website, its lovely) which would make a nice addition to this. Is it shallow to mention how good the jar would look in my bedroom?!

Creme de la Mer, The Eye Balm Intense (£125)

This is a limited edition product that comes in a sleek looking metallic tray. It contains 3 trade mark registered compounds, one of which is called Miracle Broth (amazing!) that offers an advanced secret to younger looking eyes by penetrating the skin and renewing from deep within. The balm texture is apparently really comforting. I like slightly surgical look of the applicator too. 

Czech & Speake Rose Bath Oil (£45)

Its rosy, it comes with a clever shaker top that dispenses a measure amount, the bottle is very pretty, whats not to love? It sounds heavenly too, emulsifying in water to leave skin moisturised, smooth and lightly scented.

Kiel's Swarovski Edition Creme De Corps (£1600)

Let me start by saying for that crazy price you do get one litre of product. I've tried creme de corps before (from eBay) and it is super enriched, leaving the skin feeling amazing, a little goes a long way, especially with regular use so a litre would last a good, long while. I love the complete out and out bling of the bottle, I think I'd feel like Elton was sharing my bathroom! To get ultimate value for money I guess you could dispense future body lotions into the bottle, so really its an investment!!

Well, I won't be rushing out to buy these this week, but I'll keep try and one day you'll see me staggering through Knightsbridge laden, weak with euphoria after completing my wish list!!

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