Friday, 14 September 2012

The Great Mascara Cull

 The Great Mascara Cull of 2012

The thought of a world without mascara leaves me cold. Its a long standing love affair that refuses to go stale. Volumising, lengthening, coloured, curling, vibrating, I've tried them all. A few weeks ago, after yet another came to be in my possession, I was forced to take stock of my collection. As the head count approached 15, I knew the time had come to ruthlessly edit. 

The Chosen Few.

I decided to limit myself to 5. Heading up the keep pile was Maybelline Great Lash. I defy anybody not to get on with this one. Its perfect for work as it gives good definition, doesn't flake or smudge so I can't get away without using a waterproof, saving myself from the world of pain that is removing a waterproof mascara after a 16 hour day!
Secondly, and this is where I cheated slightly, was Benefit Bad Gal. I love the big, bristly brush that comes with this one. The volume this gives me is pleasing, its not flaky and doesn't clump to badly after a second or even three coat. If pushed I'd choose this as my one & only mascara. I have this in black, blue and plum but have lumped them together to count as one, slightly cheeky but hey I'm making the rules here!!
Next I broke my no MAC mascara's vow and let Opulash stay. After falling out of love with Plush Lash and the horror show that was Zoom Fast Lash, I promised never to buy another MAC mascara but a rather charming salesman, resembling Julian Clary convinced me that Opulash was the answer to my prayers. Its certainly very black, always a good thing, and it gives great volume. Perfect smokey eye mascara if I'm feeling too lazy for falsies.
Avon SuperMagnify was a worthy contender for fourth place. I really like this for a natural look, I often wear it on its own on no make up days or for super casual looks. It feels really light, doesn't clump and makes my lashes look fantastically long without any spidery-ness.
Finally I just could not let my Max Factor 2000 Calorie go. I've had one for these in my collection since the dawn of time. I generally love all Max Factor mascaras but this is my favourite, although it gives me the same kind of effect as Bad Gal there's something about this formula that seems to last a bit longer and its so easy to remove. I also like the curved brush to add a bit for staying power to curled lashes. 

So Long, Goodbye ......

So what did the binman relieve me of? 
Rimmel Scandal Eyes, loved the brush but the formula stayed wet way too long and transferred onto my face. 
Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara, I found this a bit gimmicky. I've never really had trouble getting my bottom lashes, I just use the tip of the brush held vertically. This took way to long and was a bit fiddly.
L'Oreal Telescopic, came close to blinding myself on more than one occasion with this one! Didn't like the formula very much either, seemed a bit watery for my liking.
MAC Zoom Fast Lash. Hated this from the outset. Bought it after a sales assistant used it on me in the store. By the time I got to the car park my eyes were moist and it had run all down my face leaving really stubborn black streaks. Not a good look. Second attempt, it melted in the sun, same effect. Third and final try it flaked causing my eyes to run and yes, you've guessed it, the gorgeous black streaks were back again. 
DiorShow, loved how it looked but it smudged badly and always left me with panda eyes in the morning no matter how much effort i put into removing it at night.
Barry M Clear Mascara. I just didn't use this as much I thought I would. It was quite useful for blending my real lashes into falsies though. 
Avon Super Shock Mascara (Plum), I liked the colour and the formula but i like a bristly brush and this had a nylon applicator which gave good volume but not the definition I wanted, wasn't going to replace Bad Gal in my affections. 

So now I can close the lid on the mascara box even if it does look a bit naked.

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