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Without You I'm Nothing; Esme's Top Ten

Where Do I Begin?

Those of you who have read my post on mascaras (probably not many of you! its a new blog, tiny audience etc.), will already know that over the last few months I've being ruthlessly editing and updating my make up collection. Once it threatened to take over the bedroom I decided the time had come to stop being sentimental about it and streamline, making way for future favourites and allowing me to rediscover those little gems that had been sidelined under the weight of many internet bargains and high street hauls. So a little apprehensively and slightly daunted by the task ahead I started by deciding upon the products I just could not live without. This post is a tribute to them, a thank you for being faithful and dependable in my ever changing world of cosmetic lust!!

Line up, line up!

I have a bit of a reputation when it comes to black eyeliner, its my signature. I can be followed by a trail of black Kohl pencils! Although I cheated a bit including two I feel it is justifiable.

 Avon Mega Impact Gel Eyeliner

 Firstly, my love for this pencil knows no bounds. I stumbled upon it when it was on offer at £4 ish and have not looked back. I probably have at least 5 knocking about! It lines the water line beautiful and sticks like no other I've ever tried (there's been a few!) On the lid it smudges out nicely and lasts all day. Many would argue it's the only liner you'll ever need. Not me however.......

Maybelline Lasting Drama 24H Gel Liner

Until recently I've always been a Fluidline kind of girl, tried the Bobbi Brown version but it lasted a bit too well for my liking (I swear you could tattoo with that stuff!), then I found myself away for the weekend without my trusty Blacktrax & no MAC counter in sight. Contrary to my expectation, the world didn't end! I wandered into Superdrug and picked up this little baby for less than a tenner. Smooth application, hugely pigmented, doesn't dry out as quickly in the pot and almost half the price of a Fluidline, whats not to love?! I'm on my 3rd pot now and haven't looked back!

Eye, eye!

I'm a bit of a peacock when it comes to eyes, I love colour, shimmer, smokey, drama. For me applying eyeshadow is therapy, my dream would be show make up for drag queens! Yet sadly, my job requires something a bit more understated so when considering what I couldn't live without I realised I'd have to include some nudey naturals alongside the deeper, richer, frankly more exciting shadows. 

MAC Paint Pot - Soft Ochre

This little fella is lasting me ages! I mainly use it as a base but it looks lovely on its own with a bit of black liner and a flick. It glides on smoothly and doesn't crease, it does dry quickly though so needs a bit of speed when blending. The Yellowy undertones mean it corrects any redness quite well too. 

Sleek i-Divine Palette - Au Naturel 

I really can't remember how I managed 'work day' eyes before I had this in my life. It'd be possible to pull a pretty smokey look out of this palette too but I've yet to try that.
 A smashing range of neutral, suit all colours which withstand a 10 hour day no problem (although I always, always prime with something). I use the darkest shades to line and contour and although the shimmery colours are beautiful they don't have the staying power of the matt. A tiny bit of fallout but considering the price they fair really well. 

Bourjois Ombre a Paupieres - Various shades

Just looking at these little pots makes me smile. I've had these in various colour in my collection since I was a school girl. The texture blends nicely, the colour pay off is great, the range of shades seems to be endless. I have about ten of these at the moment, long term favourites include 07 Noir Emeraude, beautifully shimmering emerald green, 04 Noir Precieux, the deep royal purple version of the emerald green and 34 Rose Tentation, a pearlised pink that looks really natural on the eyes and works well as a highlight or super subtle blusher too. I see these shadows as a staple, I'll probably add to the collection as time goes by and could not throw any away!

Rose Tentation; centre, Noir Emeraude; right, 72; left.

On The Face of It

I couldn't include foundation or blushers in my top ten as I have no loyalty at all when it comes to these! It depends on how my skin is behaving, the season, new releases, the look I'm trying to create etc. But there are a couple of things that come rain or shine I'll reach for time and time again and always repurchase.

Trish McEvoy Duo Highlighting Mineral Powder

I develop a massive crush on Trish products about 5 years ago and although I still love the planner concept and ADORE the brushes, I've fallen out of love with many of the products unless I'm doing something uber subtle. However, the Duo Highlighting Powder is amazing. Being of a slightly greasy persuasion (especially 7 hours into a 10 hour day!) I much prefer a powder highlight for everyday use. I like a highlight that is not glittery or overly shimmery in the daylight and particularly under the fluorescent lights at work. This ticks all the boxes, its matt but light reflective so emphasises my cheek and brow bones in a radiant but never obvious way. I look so much more polished and sculpted when wearing this but you'd not notice unless you'd seen me before application (not going to happen often!!). Most days I only need to touch it up around lunch time unless its particularly humid. Yes its expensive and quite had to find but its worth it, this is probably the only product I use every time I reach for the make up box. It lasts ages too, I'm on my second in 5 years.

 MAC Bronzing Powder - Golden & Mineralize Skin Finish - Light

Being pale and interesting by nature, bronzer is something I can take or leave but I find this one is a great shade for contour on me. It has a slight shimmer which I'd usually avoid when contouring but the shimmer fades really quickly leaving the colour behind. This powder blends well and builds easily despite being fairly subtle initially. If I do decide I want a bronzed look, this gives me a natural glow without overwhelming my fairness. I also like to run a bit through my crease on a grey smokey eye to warm things up a bit. 
MSF is my go to, fall back, fail safe finishing powder. A dusting on my chin, T zone and under my eyes sets everything, doesn't oxidise like some powders I've tried and stands up to rushing around well. I'm currently road testing some loose HD powders but as yet nothing has rivalled this. 
MAC Bronzing Powder in Golden

Benefit Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer - 01

This certainly lives up to its name! It was the promise of industrial strength that first drew me to this concealer if I'm totally honest. When my skin is angry, everybody knows it! I break out if I use the wrong products, if I'm hormonal, if I'm ill and it takes a good week of extra TLC for it to calm down, leaving me a self conscious wreck. This concealer hides a multitude of sins with a thin layer, so no cakey bits, it does need a little help from a bit of powder to give it enough umph to last all day but the coverage it provides allows me to forgive it this. The only other down side is its not quite up to the job of under eyes as it creases but for blemishes it wins hands down. 
Well used and much loved.

Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow All Over Radiance Creme - Ice Gold

This is a compact of magic as far as I'm concerned. Its one of the latest additions to my make up box and its certainly a keeper. I raved extensively about it in my first ever post so won't go over board here. All I can say is I really don't know how this works but it does, exceptionally well. Its everything I want from a highlighter, almost undetectable to the untrained eye but reflects light like you can not believe. The first time I applied it I wondered if I'd picked up an empty brush as I couldn't see it on my skin, then I stepped back, the light hit my cheeks and I had the most beautiful healthy glow that looked super natural. Cannot recommend this product enough!

Getting Lippy

MAC lipstick- Viva Glam 1 

When it comes to lips I'm an all or nothing kind of girl. Super natural clear glosses (usually because my eye make up is quite heavy) or deep, rich, dark bold lips that take me back to my gothy teenage years! This lipstick was recommended to me by the sales lady in the MAC shop and when I tried it I knew it was me in tube, when she told me this was colour the amazing Miss Von Teese favoured I knew I was sold! Sadly they had sold out, so on a mission I visited the other 2 other MAC counters with a sinking feeling that I would not be wearing 'Dita Von Teese' lipstick that night, but good ol' Harvey Nic's came through and I've not looked back. This is now my red of choice, yes I've got similar but the texture and longevity of this combined with its matt finish makes it a clear winner every time. A quick sweep of this and I instantly feel like a lady.

So there it is in black (well purple) and white, my all time top ten products. Of course I couldn't live with just ten products but with these in the box I'm off to a good start.

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