Thursday, 22 November 2012

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Review

I received this sample as part of November's Glossybox. I really liked the sound of it, as I like to exfoliate regularly but gently. It claims to be for 'all skin conditions' from which I take 'suitable for most people. It contains a lot of the ingredients I look for in skin care, salicylic acid, tea tree, plenty of other plant extracts and papaya enzyme.

 I've only ever tried dermalogica once before, when I invested in the mediBac Clearing adult acne kit. At the time I was suffering from a particularly bad flare up that nothing would shift, this was recommended to me so I tried it. Within 48 hours my skin was red raw, think horrendous chemical peel! I attributed it to the fact the products were too strong for my delicate and picky skin.

Sadly, it would seem that my crazy skin refuses to know whats good for it and has a dislike for dermalogica in general. I've used this product twice. The first time it gave beautiful results, softer, brighter skin. The next morning I had a break out on my chin, I didn't initially blame the Microfoliant, just rubbish skin. The next day I used  in the morning and within a few hours I developed painful, angry, cystic acne type lumps on my cheeks and jaw. This time I had to blame the product as I had not used anything else of out the norm and had no make up on. I'm so sad as my first impressions of this were so good. 


Both times I've used this product I've been really impressed at how it leaves my skin so much softer and smoother. It didn't feel in harsh in any way and my skin looked brighter, results similar to using a vitality mask of some kind. I imagine with regular use this product could really improve the overall texture of the skin and brighten the complexion. The texture is very smooth but feels grainy enough to be doing some good. I really liked the soapy, clean smell too

The Good Bits

Although fairly pricey (£38.50 for 75g) I think this product would last a while as you don't actually need much powder to form enough paste to cover the whole face. It contains some great ingredients, has a clean smell (a bit like old fashioned soap) and I like that it is an addition to an established routine rather than having to swap products out to make room for it.

The Not So Good Bits

Obviously the way I reacted to this product isn't great and looking through the extensive ingredient list, it is probably best avoided by sensitive folk as it  includes methylparaben which has been known to irritate sensitive skin. I think the packaging could be improved too, not sure how but I'd worry that keeping a powder in a steamy bathroom could cause it to swell and clump if the lid is not full closed every time.

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