Tuesday, 6 November 2012

No7 Colour Match Stay Perfect Foundation

Last week I was so excited to finally get the chance to be colour matched at the No7 counter. I do love a gadget so this sounded like a good bit of sci-fi fun. I headed out, bravely naked of face, intrigued to see the results. 

After a quick blip of the machine on each cheek, the lovely assistant informed me I was cool vanilla. She explained the reading to me, I was interested to see the spots of pigmentation that you cannot see on your skin but are picked up by the scanner. If you're interested in the technology behind it and the stats that went into the research check out Lisa Eldridge's blog post here (http://www.lisaeldridge.com/blog/25263/discover-your-skin-true-match/)

Once I had explained the coverage & finish I was looking for, my chosen product (Stay Perfect) was applied to half of my face. The results were great I really had to look to see the blend line, the match really was good. 

The foundation feels really light weight & blends out beautifully. It is more moisturising than I would expect from a long wear foundation but not too rich that I worried about oiliness. It really does look like really good skin rather than make up.

Boots claim this resists make up melt down all day. Well without a primer or powder this still looked fresh after a 6 hour shopping trip so it bodes well for lasting daytime wear. After giving it a proper road test I found it lives up to normal everyday wear fairly well (8hours +) but doesn't cut it for a day at work behind the dreaded mask! I'll be wearing this faithfully at weekends and on days off but it won't replace my beloved Pro Longwear for work days or nights out. 
I certainly recommend the matching service and the impressive 17 shade and 10 finishes this range offers. i really believe there is something for everybody here. 

Just a couple of other things about the No7 counter itself. I loved the chart that showed the properties of each foundation, once you've been matched this would make it easy to pop in and quickly grab the finish you're after. I wasn't over keen on the revamped layout of the counter in my local Boots. It took me a few minutes to find the products I was after & the lip colour selection seemed a bit lacking. However the sales assistant was fab, she was friendly, helpful & knew her stuff. I watched her help the lady before me & despite the customer being fairly difficult she handled her brilliantly.
I've never really bought much other than lip liners (which are very good!) from this range but after a positive experience & a lovely foundation I may become a more frequent No7 flyer.

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