Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Urban Decay De-Slick Spray

Picked this (not so little) gem up on my recent make up spree & have fallen in heel over heels in love. It claims to control oil and keep make up in place for 16 hours. Its uses, and I quote the back of the bottle, 'hi tech ingredients' which cool the  make up surface keeping skin 'beautifully matt all day'.
Sprayed over my face (pre mascara!) it keeps me matt all day without powder. It feels really light and not at all sticky but does take a few moments to dry. Once its absorbed, evaporated or whatever it does, it  is undetectable. I was quite heavy handed the first time I used it and it didn't disturbed my make up despite feeling like it was dripping down my face! It has a light scent but doesn't linger. The biggest benefit I noticed is that I didn't need any powder at all, even after wearing a mask all afternoon. This is virtually unheard of and although I'm not sure it made my foundation last any longer it did control oil like nothing I've tried before. I really need to try this under as well as over my make up (as it instructs) as perhaps this will increase the wear time of my foundations. 
I also love spraying this on my brushes to intensify the colour of eye shadows or to apply loose pigments. It really gives the colours staying power and prevents fall out from pigments. 
This was well worth the £23 (XL 177ml) my beloved Husband paid! its a multi tasking product that actually does what it says on the tin.  Its current on offer in Debenhams 177ml is only £4 more than 118ml. I think it'll last me ages as I've been playing about with it lots and not even made a dent as its spray is super fine, you only use a tiny bit of product. Urban Decay hits the (beauty) mark again. 

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