Thursday, 22 November 2012

November's Glossybox

Its that time of the month again, after a very long week of waiting, I've  received my Glossybox. My box usually arrives the day after the dispatch email, but this month it took a whole week. This served to heighten my excitement so I could not wait to peel back the packing and explore its contents. 
Its with a heavy heavy heart that I inform you that I was not bowled over by this month's offerings. Its not an awful box, just a bit lack lustre. I can't really complain too much, if you do the maths, it is worth over the £10 price tag and my previous boxes have been great. I guess I've got to take the rough with the smooth.

The Products

This months theme was stocking fillers and the products were mostly skincare. Firstly there's an Olay Regenerist 3 Point Treatment Cream, this is a good product, I've tried it before. Its slightly too rich for my skin to be used daily but great if I need a bit of extra TLC. The sample is 7mls (it retails in 50ml jars) which I think is a bit stingey from such a big and easily available brand. It also makes it difficult to give it a proper road test if you've not tried it before. I'll use the sample but without much excitement, It'll probably end up in my locker for post night shift emergencies.

Next I found a pouch containing a tiny 4ml tube of Wei Beauty Jujube age Control Serum. I'm quite excited by this brand as it bases its products on theories from Chinese medicine, which I find fascinating. I've looked at these products on SpaceNK before but they are quite pricey so have yet to pluck up the courage to splurge on something that I've not read too much about. Its a very small sample but a 30ml pot would set you back £60 so price wise the size is understandable. Can't wait to try this out but hoping for great results from it. It claims to renew, revitalise and restore elasticity. I sure as hell could do with some revitalising right now. 

My need for revitalising is partly due to too much fun this weekend but also, in no small part, due to the reaction I've had from the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. I won't ramble too much about this as its getting its own post, but it is a good product just not for my fussy skin. Its a good sized sample at around a quarter of a full sized jar. I really like the powder to paste formulation, I thought it was nice to mix your own preferred consistency. The £5 off an order from the Dermalogica was a nice touch, sadly me and this brand have fallen out twice now so I don't think I'll be trying anything else from the range.

The Alison Claire Natural Beauty Body Butter was happily received, I never get bored of body butters. Loved the fact its in a pump, negating the body butter under the nails issue. Its a lovely consistency, thick enough to qualify for body butter status but easily absorbed. It has a delicious, almost edible mango scent and the 50ml bottle makes it ideal for travelling. It is fabulously natural, 70% organic, suitable for sensitive skins and from Devizes (!!) There's 20% off orders on the website until January too, I may well be filling my own stocking from there!

I thought that was my lot, slightly miffed by only recieving 4 products I started to read the info card and realised there should also be a Nails Inc product. After a bit of a rummage among the shredded packing I found a 'so small its cute' bottle Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Top Coat. This is one of my favourite top coats and I already own a full size so was disappointed I didn't get one of the colours on offer (Porchester Square of Notting Hill Gate). It gives a good shine and a bit of longevity to any polish and I'm sure you'd be impressed by it if this was your first try. I don't tend to take nail products away with me but if you do this 4ml pot would be perfect for travelling and at almost half a full size its a good sized sample. 


I think my vague disappointment with this box stems from the fact I already owned two of the samples and the first product I tried from it distroyed my newly healed skin! I've had two fantastic Glossybox's before this one and think I'll renew my subscription. It was certainly worth the price and reminded me to add Wei Beauty to my wish list. I'm happy to have discovered Alison Claire too. Hoping for a really festive box next month with a bit of sparkle and wintery scents.

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