Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Future Plans

I've been blogging  for almost a month now. What started as Friday night experiment now occupies about 60% of my waking thoughts! I know this blog is still in its fledgling stages and I appreciate each view I get so I thought I'd update you with the things I've been considering and what I've got coming up. Thank you to everybody who has read my posts so far, please consider following me either by email or via google +

Bright Ideas.

Now I've taken the plunge and started blogging I've been spending a lot of time considering how to move my blog forward. I've got some ideas that I can't wait to unleash upon you. I've got some 'look' posts planned in which I'll be creating looks on models and having a very talented photographer ( friend take pictures to post on here.
On the subject of pictures, let me take a moment to apologise for the poor quality of images I'm currently posting. My camera should be back in action shortly so I will no longer be using my phone. I'm also trying to teach myself some basic photo editing software to help pimp the pictures up a bit!

Education, Education, Education. 

I'm currently concentrating on Bridal looks as I've got a couple of Weddings coming up but I'm also indulging myself with some striking eyes and futuristic, graphic looks which I'll blog about once I'm happy with them. I've invested in some books from iconic make artists like Francois Nars & Kevyn Aucion, so stay tuned for some books reviews. I'm also looking into a Vintage Make Up apprenticeship, which sounds exciting and has got my creative juices flowing in a retro directions so expected some 'pin up' inspired looks.

Kit Reviews

The reviews I've posted this far have been products I've bought for my own personal use. But as my professional kit starts to grow I hope to start reviewing products based more on what they are like to use on others and who they are best suited to. I think this will offer a more well rounded perspective as opposed to 'what I like for me' opinions that I currently post.

Behind the Mask

Until I began this blog I thought it was make up i was obsessed with but I realise that its beauty products as a whole. I'm surprised by how many 'non' make up products I've written about and there's more to come on that front, as I've just started a new eye cream and about to try a matching night cream. There will be the October Glossybox to look forward to in the next couple of weeks so hopefully that will inspire a couple of beauty reviews. 

Thanks again for reading and I hope you'll come back and enjoy the wealth of post I've got planned in order to banish the winter blues!

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