Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Review; MAC Pro Longwear Foundation

Foundation reviews are funny things, one persons sheer delight is somebody's ultimate horror. For that reason I feel a bit iffy about writing one but I've found myself with quite a lot to say about this product so here goes.....

Overcoming Prejudice

I've held off from investing a Pro Longwear for a while because I've not had much love for MAC foundations in the past. The ones they've tried on me in store have never filled me with delight shade wise and Studio Sculpt & Studio Fix really upset my skin. Having read some really glowing reports about Pro Longwear I finally decide to let MAC prove me wrong. 

200 Shades of Pale

I made a controversial choice in terms of shade and went slightly darker than I'd normally opt for. Mainly because I've found my foundation collection to be looking a bit pale lately but I've just dyed my hair darker too and don't want to look too washed out.

A Dubious Start

So, NC25 arrived, 30ml of product for £24, housed in a glass bottle with a lockable pump dispenser. I really like the dispenser for two reasons, firstly I'm always losing lids & secondly I've had a couple of pump related incidents in my make up bag! Its easy to pump out the exact amount of product you require and the packing feels quite sturdy so should last the duration of the bottle. 
I was quite alarmed at how orange this appeared when I first swatched it on my hand but once I'd applied it to my face the colour was actually a good match. I think wearing my base so pale for so long has warped my opinion of foundation shades!


I found the consistency of the liquid easy to work with, it blends easily and sets fairly quickly. I've been applying it with a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush or my fingers and have achieved a lovely fresh finish. I think it needs a bit of buffing as I imagine it'd streak a bit with a 190 type brush. Its billed as sheer to medium coverage but I think it sits closer to the medium side of the fence, I certainly need less concealing than I would expect after using a more sheer product. It leaves a lovely fresh finish which is neither too radiant or too matt, it just looks like good skin. I didn't powder it as I wanted to see how it fared standing alone.

Sticking With It

I really gave this foundation a run for its money in terms of testing its staying power. MAC claim it'll stay put and control oil for up to 15 hours whatever the environmental conditions, they don't lie.  My job involves wear a mask for long periods of time, something that plays havoc with almost every foundation I've ever tried. Not Pro Longwear! By lunchtime my face is usually a state, foundation evaporated and shining like a mirror ball. After 4 hours behind a mask Pro Longwear still looked fresh, my pores were still invisible and I wasn't greasy. Not once did I need to touch it up during the day. This is a revelation! I wanted to shout from the roof tops 'I may have found the one!'.When I got home I examined my face thoroughly and over 13 hours in my face was still holding up. Not only that but my skin had felt great all day, it almost felt naked! My oiliness was controlled but my drier patches weren't at all irritated.

So What's the Catch?

I've really tried to look for some cons to this product, if only to keep this post from being a gushy ramble but really there are very few downsides for me. However...
It only contains a SPF of 10 which I think is a bit weedy but hey I'm looking at winter in the Midlands, it'll do! It also takes some real effort to remove, now I don't feel like I can complain about this as I've been searching for something that will last and then some, but I can see how it might put some people off. I've been using a cleansing oil, face wash and Bioderma H20 before I feel squeaky clean. This is not a foundation that a quick face wipe will remove adequately so be warned and stock up on cotton wool!

A Match Made in Heaven?

To be honest, this is as close to my Holy Grail of foundation as I've ever found. The oil controlling properties and the longevity are way beyond what I expect from a good foundation and its so comfortable to wear and so far no breakout. It'll never be my one and only, I'm not ready to forsake all others but this is an absolute winner for work and for nights out or occasions when I don't want/need the hassle of touching up too often.  I'm in love!!

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  1. I share your love for this foundation. It lasts and lasts! I have even fallen asleep with it (oops, so bad I know!) and after waking up from that midday nap my foundation is still intact! I live in such humid weather and I needed something that would hold up and not transfer all over. I love Pro Longwear!